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Imaging methods visualize our internal organs with great clarity, to give us valuable information about their image and especially about any malfunctions they present, and are one of the most important weapons of specialists for both correct diagnosis and appropriate therapeutic approach. . One of the most modern imaging methods is mammography.

The breast imaging center “Diagnostic Mammography” is one of the most modern breast diagnostic centers, which from 2000 until today provides with consistency and reliability all the necessary examinations for the prevention and early diagnosis of breast diseases. Ensuring a correct representation presupposes a perfect technological infrastructure and specialized scientific knowledge. All the examinations performed at the Center are in full compliance with the international scientific standards and standards, ensuring a correct assessment of the image of the breast through its perfect technological infrastructure and, mainly, the specialized scientific knowledge and experience of the radiologist and director of the center, Dr. Athena Vourtsi. The chief physician and the specialized team of her associates work daily with dedication and responsibility on the side of women of all ages, with the sole concern of providing health services perfectly adapted to the needs and peculiarities of such a sensitive health sector as that of breast disease diagnosis. 

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS certifies the high quality of our services

Our Center from 21 May 2018 and for three years is certified by TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, according to the Standard ENISO 9001: 2015. According to this model, the “Diagnostic Mammography” Center implements a Quality Management System in the Scope: Performing Breast Imaging and Bone Density Imaging Examinations.

The certification of the Center was carried out in accordance with the Inspection and Certification Procedure of TÜV AUSTRIA and will be monitored at regular intervals.

The quality of the medical services provided by our center is confirmed by an independent certification body. TÜV AUSTRIA provides comprehensive control, inspection and certification services for safety, quality, environment and resource management. The services of the organization offer added value to the controlled sectors, including the health sector.

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