Digital Mammography

A mammogram is a radiographic examination showing the morphology and structure of the anatomical elements of the breast tissue and any pathological lesions it may present. Today, three decades after the initial implementation of mammography in preventing breast cancer, it continues to be the method of choice for the early diagnosis of the disease.

3D Tomosynthesis

The 3D tomosynthesis is a new tool in breast imaging that increases the diagnostic accuracy in the detection of breast cancer.

3-D Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS)

ABUS is a newer type of ultrasound that offers the possibility of early diagnosis of breast cancer in women with dense breasts, in addition to digital mammography


In recent years there has been a rapid development in the invasive diagnostic approach to breast lesions. All modern and fully equipped breast centers are internationally accepted to investigate with percutaneous biopsy all lesions that are suspected of malignancy

Artificial inteligence

Artificial inteligence Artificial inteligence The term artificial intelligence refers to the field of computer science that comprises the design of computer algorithms that mimic cognitive functions of human behavior such as learning, understanding meanings, problem solving and drawing conclusions. The…

Second Opinion Consultation

Second Opinion Consultation Second Opinion Consultation In the “Digital Mammography” center there is the possibility of visiting for the comparative study of previous examinations. In this case the examinee must come with all the exams she has done in the…

Bone density measurement

Bone density measurement Bone density measurement Digital bone density measurement system “Diagnostic Mammography” is equipped with an innovative digital system for measuring bone density, the General Electric model LUNAR PRODIGY. This system performs the examination rapidly – in minimum time…