Scientific work

Athina Vourtsis MD, PhD

Director and founder of Diagnostic Mammography Center, Athens Greece

Founding President of the Hellenic Breast Imaging Society

European Liaison of the

Athina Vourtsis graduated from Athens University Medical School in 1993 and completed a residency in Diagnostic Radiology in 1997 and in 1998 was conferred a Ph.D. from the University of Athens. She received training in breast imaging at Cornell Medical Center, New York and in 2001 received scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation in Greece. From 2001 until the end of 2004 she held a chair in the department of Breast Imaging at Hygeia Hospital. Simultaneously, in 2000 she founded a private Breast Imaging Practice, which developed successfully into a high standard and modern diagnostic center for breast diseases, called “Diagnostic Mammography”.

Through her career she has actively supported non-profit associations and in 2017 received an honorary award supporting the national breast awareness program of the PanHellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer called “Alma Zois”.

She has published more than 47 papers in Greek and international scientific medical journals and have participated in many research programs. Since 2009 she has been an active faculty member of the international scientific faculty of IBUS and in 2019 she was appointed director of Curriculum for IBUS. She has presented more than 50 oral presentations in Greek and at international conferences, has given more than 270 lectures as an invited speaker and over 77 lectures on breast awareness programs. In 2012 she was inspired and founded the Hellenic Breast Imaging Society (HBIS) in which she contributed to the organization of various national and European conferences and was given the honorary position of founding President from 2012 until present. During 2014-2016 she held the position of Deputy Secretary of SIS.

In the past four years she has been devoted to training and lecturing on the newest Automated Breast Ultrasound. Additionally, as a member of the Medical Advisory Board and European Liaison of she has working on launching DBI-s efforts into Europe. She has been a Reviewer for European Radiology, European Journal of Radiology and Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. She has coauthor many breast imaging books and recently contributed to “Breast Cancer Management for Surgeons – A European Multidisciplinary Textbook” published through

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